New luxurious residential complex with stunning views
Complex of a luxurious residences with a sea view and blooming garden located in a quite area of the Plaja d'Aro, Costa Brava.
Welcome to the new apartment complex located on the
Costa Brava

Berlin Park Residences
44 modern style homes surrounded by nature on the seashore
Berlin Park Residences combines stunning architecture and spacious living with quality and thoughtful detail throughout. Situated on a land, overlooking the Mediterranean, this set of 44 modern residences is made up of 2 stylish buildings with a spacious communal zone located by the Playa d'Aro eco-park.
Unbeatable location
Good access and infrastructure
Stunning natural surroundings
Parking spaces
Swimming pool
Spacious chillout zone
We offer a wide selection of apartments with impressive amenities and stunning interior.
* The renders shown have been computer generated and are indicative only.
Common Area
Our complex has a large communal area with an outdoor pool and recreation areas. It is enclosed, so residents can enjoy the exclusivity of the tranquillity of its multi-purpose spaces with gardens and children's playground.
Floor plans
Here, you will find renderings of all of Berlin Park Residences floor plans. The floor plans will give you a great idea of how your new home will look. If you have any specific questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Your new address
Carrer de Berlín, Platja d'Aro 41

Berlin Park Residences is easily accessible by motorway and located just 105 km from Barcelona city, 32 km from Girona airport and 100 km from the French border.
Construction started Spring 2018 with delivery estimated by the summer of 2020. There is an opportunity to reserve your new home and choose all types of options and extras.
30/06/2019 Working on a parking ramp flooring
16/06/2019 Front facades painting
10/06/2019 Swimming pool construction progress
17/05/2019 Pouring the concrete for the swimming pool
03/05/2019 Facade work is underway
Pure Costa Brava

Costa Brava - northeastern coastline of Catalonia, is a great location to set up a residence by the Mediterranean. Incomparable natural with it's 111 top rated beaches & 8 natural parks, ideal year round climate, outstanding cultural & historical heritage, excellent air, rail & road connections

Platja D'Aro - is the centre of life of the coastline. Unlike typical tourist spots, this cozy and hospitable town doesn't fall into an inter seasonal slumber and has a great infrastructure available 365 days a year.

The perfect mix
Berlin Park Residences located in the centre of Platja D'Aro.
In just 7 minutes walk to the beach and main commercial area of the town. All of these can be enjoyed all year long, and have made us one the main destinations of the Costa Brava.
Key location
It is just a 10-minute walk away from the city centre. This is a superb area that combines tranquillity with facilities and shops that make your daily life more convenient.

Refresh your mind
From the front door residents have direct access to exquisite coastline - including beautiful bays and beaches.
Walking with nature
Berlin Park Residences located just in front of Els Estanys eco-park - ideal place for family with children.
Group de Palol is a private property investment and management company focusing on premium development in the area of Costa Brava.

Our Vision is to deliver contemporary year-round living environments, that achieve a balance between aesthetic individuality and community integration and set new living standards in the Mediterranean region.
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